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Bleh sick

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1 Bleh sick on 2013-12-07, 08:13

possible bronchitis even though I don't smoke, coughing/congestion

took me by surprise since I hardly get sick, haven't been able to sleep much

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2 Re: Bleh sick on 2013-12-07, 15:07


Eh no good

hzope you get feeling better

3 Re: Bleh sick on 2013-12-07, 15:36

Sym wrote:hzope you get feeling better

sym, are you pursuing a new career in gangster rap? Razz

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4 Re: Bleh sick on 2013-12-08, 09:44

Yuck, hope you feel better! I've had bronchitis a few times, nasty stuff.

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5 Re: Bleh sick on 2013-12-08, 13:24

I knew a Mexican dude that died from broncotitus.

Don't die Junior!

Oh yeah, did the headset I sent you arrive yet? You should have had it earlier this week.

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6 Re: Bleh sick on 2013-12-08, 18:35

yea I got it, the game sound works but I can't hear anything on the mic, I was looking on youtube,etc to fix it and it seems to be a common problem with that headset Sad  I use the old regular headset for a mic lol

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7 Re: Bleh sick on 2013-12-08, 18:58

Well that sucks. Stupid thing was brand new too.

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8 Re: Bleh sick on 2013-12-08, 18:59

What mic is it?

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9 Re: Bleh sick on 2013-12-08, 19:48

I think it was this one.

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10 Re: Bleh sick on 2013-12-08, 19:50

Is it because you cannot have the HDMI and the AV cables plugged in at the same time?

That was the problem with my Turtle beaches

You just have to strip the plastic cover off the AV cable plug in bit Very Happy

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11 Re: Bleh sick on 2013-12-08, 19:56

these don't use usb power which I really liked...they have regular 3.5mm headset you just plug into tv, and 2.5mm mic to plug into the controller.

in the party I can see other people's icon moving like they're talking and mine moves, and apparently other people can hear me, I just can't hear them, I tried 2 different solutions from youtube and it didn't work. One said turn game volume all the way down and chat volume all the way up (which it already was) and didn't work.

the other ghetto solution that didn't work was a good laugh, says to hold on the mic and count to 10, so fucking CHEESY!!!! lol

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12 Re: Bleh sick on 2013-12-09, 07:07

I thought Robitussin would help my sinuses but it made them a billion times worse. Back to the cheap offbrand dayquill it is then

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