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Somebody fix Hydras account he said he can't log in

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what would of went wring?

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FFS people read the error message

People in my IT classes do this as well

Its like playing blues clues without the fucking pawprints

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cant do anything if i cant talk to him. see if he'll log into steam

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alright I just sent him a message to get on steam

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Hes going to sleep when I talked to him over email.

He will try again after he wakes up.

Parcus Executor Avis de Minor: Labor Lapsus~
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Did he forget to add his crown in? I forgot yesterday.

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Its a rook and yeah I forgot as well

That is probably the problem Very Happy

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Sorry...I'm a retard. Never even thought about the rook. Thanks for reminding me though.

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Yeah not exactly one of my finer moments haha.

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