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[BF4] Scout Elite, worst sniper rifle in the game?

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I don't know what it is, but I cannot for the life of me do well with this rifle. Every other sniper rifle I seem to do just fine with, but it seems like it takes up to 3-4 shots to kill anyone at a distance with this thing.

Perhaps it's a hit reg issue, but me and this thing don't not seem to get along very well.

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Scout is for real men who can aim, not AWP babies like you Arty.

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Best, not worst.

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AWP babies? Not a CS vet here. But meh, reading the stats and so on for the gun, it looks like the rifle is designed for modes like Domination and so on where you are sniping at 100m or less.

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Even then, use FY-JS(sp?) instead.

Only benefit of scout is SLIGHTLY better hip fire, compared to FY-JS.

I am personally thinking about switching back from M98B, once I stop using DMR, as bolt cycling seems to be very important in my current play style. Actually, once L96's REAL stats are up, I might use that instead, as L96 was M40 but better in almost all BF games that it has made debut.

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