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[BF4] M249 SAW vs HK MG4? MG4 >>> M249 SAW

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Holy crap this gun is amazing! Virtually no horizontal drift, miniscule vertical recoil, very accurate (for a belt fed LMG) out at range with burst fire right out of the gate with no unlocks.

Easy to use Iron sights, all wrapped up in a delicious 800 RPM package.

What can I say, I've found another favorite for the support kit. It's an absolute blast to run with, even if my team is losing, I seem to have fun with this gun, it's just that damn good.

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From looking into stats, they are not that different in pretty much anything.

But as you mentioned, MG4 is more vertical and M249 is more "round" in terms of recoil.

So just go with whatever recoil you prefer.

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Welcome to the MG4 Club™.

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First match last night with the mg4 I went 32-8..... yeah, I love it

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