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[BF4] Shit players seem to be out in force this weekend

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Loss after loss after crushing loss. So damn annoying, I swear, I don't ever remember blueberries being THIS bad in BC2, it's been progressivly getting worse and worse since BF3.

The sheer amount of fail I've been witnessing lately, is of the most epic proportions.

Well done idiots, well done *slow golf clap*


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Half price (or even cheaper) sale on BF4 this week/end is... jar....

BUNCH more idiots that just piss the hell out of me, OR giving me lulz as a team fighting against them.

Parcus Executor Avis de Minor: Labor Lapsus~
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God fakking adsuvhnrfmnqejtneqwji. Was just in a game with Jr, went 6-12 because the team we were on was just....ugh...

God I wish I could find these people and strangle them with their own intestines. Just cleanse the damn gene pool ya know. Idiots, the whole lot of em.

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Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad  I want too as well....they wouldn't even help stinger the fucking gun ship and wondered why they kept dying

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I found it hilarious that they were trying to trash talk me at the end, of the round. The explatives I spewed... boggles mind that people can be THAT bad at the game. I don't understand it, I simply cannot grasp how people can be so horrifically awful at this game. It's not very difficult to understand.

Go to marker with x letter, defend/capture or arm/disarm objective.


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Can I ask why you don't switch teams after a loss or two?

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Ante wrote:Can I ask why you don't switch teams after a loss or two?
Yeah if my team is just getting completely wrecked I'll just keep my eye on the scoreboard and try and switch over if someone leaves.

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Wasn't able to sadly, Me Jr and several friends didn't want to split up. These losses were on many different servers, spanning many different games. It was horrible.

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