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Turtle Beach x12s finally fell apart, need new headset for pc

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had em awhile but they fell apart....any suggestions for some better gaming headset? Being xbox+pc would be a plus afro afro afro 

I kept hearing the steel series siberia were good,but pc only. I could also get a cheap logitech headset at walmart lol

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Logitech dude. You really don't need more than a simple logitech headset. They're decently cheap, they work well, and they're durable as hell. I should know, my current pair has outlasted my past three computers.

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I just sent you a Turtle Beach 360 headset so just get a PC headset.

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Is it worth it getting a 7.1 surround sound logitech headset? It's on sale for 59, just the regular logitech red g230 is 39

my friend with beats audio in his prebuilt bestbuy HP desktop says it lets him hear people sneaking up on him in game, which I couldn't even hear with my turtle beaches >_>

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My surround headset sounds worlds better in Dolby Headphone surround than in stereo.

In Blops 1 & 2 you could point your arm in reaql life right to where an enemy was walking the positional audio is so good.

BF3 and 4 there is so much more noise things are harder to pinpoint, but it is still better.
However $59? It doesn't seem like they would be very good at that price point...

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I'm sorta wary of the cheap price too...might be worth a shot. Those are very cheap for 7.1 headphones..

here's some plantronics 7.1 surround sound

the ear cups are extremely soft velvet type

I've never had surround sound of any type, so any would probably blow me away. I suppose it's down to the Logitech surround sound, plantronics, or something else around that price. I'd like to keep it under 100, I want something that would last years though and isn't flimsy

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I basically have the non gaming headset of these (just regular headphones) and they sound fucking amazing. Mine were at a higher price point so maybe a bit better can't be sure haven't heard the gaming headset) but they were well worth the money I put down for them.

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I have a Razer set that has done me well

I got these

sound really good to me, surround sound is awesome, and, 3 year warranty...not shitty turtle beach 1 year warranty, reviewers also claim it works fine on ps4 by just plugging it in the usb which is a good plus

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Not sure how it works on PC, but if you want surround sound out of the PS4 it would have to have either a fiber-optic input or an HDMI input.

There is no USB for sound option in the PS4 settings at all, even if it did work that way it would be stereo, not surround.

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