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[BF4] Guided shell is useless against air-vehicles & generally useless

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It ties to do this MBT LAW style flip up and strike top when it gets near laser painted air targets. And this completely misses air-vehicles if they are moving even at a slow pace. And it takes way too long to lock on and only have two ready ammo that recharges at a crawling rate...

Had a recon in my team that was lasing everything and a gunner that was SOFLAMing everything, so I went with guided shell to see how it fares in BF4, and am seriously disappointed with this thing.

This thing being absolutely worthless while staff shell being completely unbalanced, wtf is DICE thinking...

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Try the TOW missile with the IFVs. They could lock on to laser designated targets  in the beta and functioned exactly like javelins. OHK'd choppers too. Haven't gotten to test it out since release because almost no one uses the PLD or SOFLAM.

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I tend to use zuni more on IFV, as it doubles as anti infantry as well.

The TOW does amazingly well with laser targetted targets and vehicles in general, but cant do crap against infantries which are much more threatening to IFV than to a tank. A single well placed RPG will basically net you death. It was hard giving up LMG as it was super effective, but I found zuni to be almost as effective if used correctly, and does provide on par performance with TOW at closer ranged vehicles.

I will use TOW more often if, as you mentioned, there are more people lasing stuff, but people just don't do it all that often. And against a fast moving good drivers, you are not going to have much success with it. Its more for killing off noob drivers really really fast that cant fire on the move.

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