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Only about 2 hours into Dead Rising 3

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And I'm loving it. The graphical overhaul from DR2 is astonishing. I hated DR2s graphics. It looked meh. And when they meant no loading screens for transitioning areas, they meant it. The controls are a helluva lot more responsive. There's a sprint button now.

Combo weapons. Combo weapons everywhere. Some of them are outrageous. I have this one combi weapon that has me wearing a dragon head, with wings that'll let me fly. But there is this God tier one that shoots out balls of exploding fire as one attack, and is a sickle on fire with skulls.

The collectibles are really fun to just go after. Especially when it's schematics to a combi car and/or combi weapons.

There's no more dragging survivors around, except for certain ones you use in a "posse" way, the others just... disapear I guess.

Really is a console buy game. ON top of the full 64 player BF4 without the fuck ups of PC.

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Wait there is nore more escorting survivors?

And what about the time limits? I head those were removed.

Though I love what you mentioned about the combo weapons. I remember everyone on here was complaining that the game looked too serious

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Yes and no to the time. The took it out for the main story, but not for "side missions". At least from what I've seen and can tell so far.

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That is beyond tsupid

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Yeah it is really good.
Although I think it would be better with escorting and hard time limits.

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Nightmare mode brings back the timer.

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Timer like for the full game?

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Yeah. You get the whole 72 hour classic DR mechanic.

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That option is availabe from the start right? You don't have to beat the gaem to get it?

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Cool. Possibly the first game I am getting on the console. Depending on whats out when I do get it. Since that probably wont be for another 5-6 months

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