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[BF4] FLIR is the way to go on DMR

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1 [BF4] FLIR is the way to go on DMR on 2013-11-27, 00:06

Was in luck (or unlucky that it only just happened) to get FLIR in a battlepack for MK11.

Its a thermal 2x scope (black/white) so it does see a little further than IRNV but less distinguished targets at a glance.

I think this scope has made DMR a lot better, and found a niche position for it, as in finding targets in cover and blowing off parts of them that is sticking out of cover.

It is no sniper rifle, but it is accurate enough (especially MK11 with heavy barrel) and has rof to spam a bit on distant targets.

Many players don't realize how exposed they are when they crouch behind a shorter cover, or prone behind a short cover. At least one part of the body sticks out, and this scope will enable you to target them with ease.

The only real problem with FLIR is that its battlepack only... so if you have not had much luck on the draw, then... yeah...

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