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Yo Metal, and other Vita owners!

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1 Yo Metal, and other Vita owners! on 2013-11-26, 07:05

What are your PSN names? I have no friends on my Vita, and it's lonely Sad 

Also, what games do you recommend?

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Killzone Mercenary
Gravity Rush
Earth Defense Force 2017
Hotline Miami
WipEout 2048

...that's off the top of my head, and of course it really depends what you're into...also, I just got Tearaway - not played it yet, but by all accounts it's excellent!

If you want to add me on PSN, feel free - it's MADEWITHROBOTS Smile

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I'm really enjoying Killzone, and I want to pick up Wipeout later this week. How is Earth Defense Force? It looks a lot like Freedom Wars, which as of now is a Japanese only title releasing early 2014.

And on PSN I'm Yeashijo, I'll add you in a minute

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Mine is omnithrash

Games? To many to list. I have more for it than I could even remember. 70+ now or something?
I can't wait for the 64gig card to come out.

Dragons Crown for sure.
Killzone for the MP (not the SP)
Zen Pinball 2 and every table
Street Fighter x Tekken for sure.
The AR games are fun.
A billion and one different PSP games

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how do you like street fighter x tekken vs other fighters? I got UMVC3, which is fun, I just have no grounds to base it against anything else. The last fighter I've owned was killer instinct on the SNES Laughing 

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I traded in UMVC3 the day after I bought it. Just didn't click with me.
SFxT is awesome though. The fighting feels meatier. The characters are much better. etc...
Love it.

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