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RPK is sexy

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1 RPK is sexy on 2013-11-21, 16:31

I was let-down by the PKP a little =/, but last night all I did was use the mortar (which is good for clearing out camping groups...soooo much rage in the chat lmao)

anyway, rpk is good, right now I have PKA sight and stubby grip on it. The irons I like, but on some maps with lots of stuff going on it can obscure the pure black iron sight like on Locker. On others iron is fine and I actually like the AK type style sights

I'm guessing it's stronger than the regular "RPK-12" I'm soon to unlock as well.

it even gave the RPK to my friend who doesn't have any maps besides the base game, maybe a glitch on their part or everybody can have the new weapons....I'm waiting on the AN94 Very Happy

RPK seems good even for medium/long range stuff,just burst it a little, I find it pretty accurate that way, stubby helps full auto accuracy a little, it's probably the LMG of choice for run and gun

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2 Re: RPK is sexy on 2013-11-21, 17:16

Yeah, it's got some amazing recoil patterns as well (almost none) and a respectable rate of fire. Toss a holo or red dot and you've one beastly LMG that's great for room clearing.

Personally though, if like the M27 IAR and the L86A2 to come back, perhaps the MG36 as well.

Or perhaps the AUG HBAR would be cool too Very Happy

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