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I watched Evangelion 3.33 last night

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And it still makes no fucking sense whatsoever. I absolutely love Evangelion, and every time I watch 1 and 2 and makes a tad bit more sense, but now I have 3.33 and it's more confusing than ever. I need to finish the original Neon Genesis Evangelion then go back and watch the movies again....

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this is a good read for anybody else who is a fan of the series/movie

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I have no idea what this is

It's an anime made in the 90's. Honestly it's one of the best, most revered anime ever made. I can't think of another director who has ever tried something so ridiculously complex.

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You have to be really fucked up on a lot of things at once in order for this series to make sense.

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Especially around the 2/3rds point when the creator had an emotional breakdown and the series just went crazy. Episodes from then on out are freaking mind trips.

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Sym wrote:I have no idea what this is
Oh good. You can watch it without even a hint of spoilers.

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