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First look at Metro 2.0 with Levelcap

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I just watched this! Thank god they added new routes.

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I wish I had this game. I'll get it eventually though What a Face 

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Now Metro is going to be better than Locker.

And despite people hating Metro, it was one of my favorite sniping map. First base was full of wanna be snipers and sniper-haters, which made some hilarious hunting experience.

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I hated this map, it was better with a lower player count, but on 48-64 player servers, it devolved into whomever could make it to B flag first on Conquest. Most boring ass map I've ever played (I hate choke point maps), it offered virtually no opportunities to play smart and tactically. Those hallways essentially became massive camping fests of rocket whores and C4/grenade spam.

I hated Rush back in BF3 due to the same reasons I hated this map, I don't like just being funneled to my death, through a wall of meat at the problem until we simply overwhelm the enemy (which 90%, playing with randoms, meant we lost due to idiots).

However, fast forward to BF4, I'm willing to give the game mode a chance, since I hear the changes to the mode have made it much better than in BF3.

Good on DICE in regards to the changes, though I would have liked a few more routes if possible for conquest. We'll have to wait and see how it plays out and if those "new" lanes to approach will still be a massive camp fest or not.

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