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Helicopter Orbital Defense System

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1 Helicopter Orbital Defense System on 2013-11-18, 13:39

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lol! that was fucking great.

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thats hilarious.

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wtf is going on

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What the duck said

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What a mysterious weapon.

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Firing a SRAW inside a chopper.

Looks like the guidance gets bugged when you aim inside. Maybe it's trying to reach the point of the chopper but can't turn fast enough?

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If you stop ADSing with the SRAW the rocket will fly around in circles for several seconds before detonating. If you ADS again before it explodes it'll start flying towards your target again. You can get two very quick hits on armor using this trick/bug.

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thats pretty slick

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haha that was a one and a million shot. I doubt it would work consistently.

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