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[BF4] Insomnia - solution? Test BF4

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So I couldn't sleep for the life of me last night, so I decided to test out the few servers still up last night.

Server side crashing is still a problem it seems, but for me, the over all stability when I'm actually in game seems to have improved ever so slightly.

Paracel storm was the one that I had the most issues with, every trine the damn storm rolled in, the stuttering would come back. It's as if the server couldn't handle the data load.

Had a few decent matches, barely went positive, but was within the top 5 of my team most of the time as a recon player.

Even managed to do pretty well on an Operation Locker (we lost but it was a close game)

If the stability continues on to this weekend for me, I'll likely stick around. If not, well then I'll be taking that hiatus I had mentioned earlier.

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I was going to pick it up cheap for xbox 360 so it wouldn't crash,but supposedly shangai or dawnbreaker locks up everybodies systems lol

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