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[BF4] Sup Rem!

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1 [BF4] Sup Rem! on 2013-11-12, 08:40

Some decent games last night, though it would have been better if the servers had more people. Was pretty fun though, several of those rounds helped me unlock all the AA add on's.

You were with us on Operation Locker I think and a few games after that. Good times good times.

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2 Re: [BF4] Sup Rem! on 2013-11-12, 14:12

I crashed on Transmission yo.

For some reason I can play TDM for like 4 rounds before crashing, but on CQ I will get one game without a crash then crash the next one.

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3 Re: [BF4] Sup Rem! on 2013-11-12, 14:40

I was stuttering like mad on Op Locker just a minute ago. Gave me beta nightmares. TDM/Dom never crash me, but Rogue, Golmud, and sometimes Hainan on CQ large crash me pretty often. CQ small doesn't, though. Weird.

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4 Re: [BF4] Sup Rem! on 2013-11-12, 15:10

Smaller maps, less things to render for the server perhaps?

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5 Re: [BF4] Sup Rem! on 2013-11-12, 15:40

Artimise Flare wrote:Smaller maps, less things to render for the server perhaps?
Same amount of shit is being rendered between CQ large and small, only the OOB boundaries are different.

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