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A huge dilemma

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1 A huge dilemma on 2013-11-09, 13:17

Do I get rid of my 360 console this Friday?
Or do I hook it up to the TV in my office?

I think I just answered my own question. Why bother when there is zero chance of me ever buying another game for this gen.

I'll just continue playing my Vita at work and start Remote Playing PS4 games.

Crisi averted, you can all get back to work now. Nothing to see here...

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2 Re: A huge dilemma on 2013-11-09, 13:45

You could donate your 360 to a bunch of inner city kids, so they can play violent video games and prepare for their lives after they drop out of school

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3 Re: A huge dilemma on 2013-11-09, 13:50

I am just putting mine in my closet, i'll pass it down to little gilgamesh someday or something like that.

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4 Re: A huge dilemma on 2013-11-09, 13:52

I'd sell mine but it's not worth the trouble. I'll take out the 120gb HDD and put it in my pc to be purely music or something. Or a pure porno HDD lol

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5 Re: A huge dilemma on 2013-11-09, 17:23

sell 360, spend money on new games.

crisis solved.

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6 Re: A huge dilemma on 2013-11-09, 17:49

Metal, don't spend that $35 all at once bro.

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7 Re: A huge dilemma on 2013-11-09, 19:25

I don't even remember what they gave me for my PS3.
I don't even think I asked.

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8 Re: A huge dilemma on 2013-11-09, 19:39

I dont know man

$35 dollars

You should use it to buy your pothead daughter some pot Metal Very Happy

Dont be a buzzkill Very Happy

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