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[BF4] Suppressed SR's: not very impressed

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So far, with my brief experience with them on the CS-LR4, sound suppressors do indeed increase drop and reduces the bullet velocity of the round.

This makes the greatest advantage that the SR's have that being long range pretty moot.

I'll have to play with them more, but so far it feels like a pretty hefty handicap for long distance, and you'll need to relearn the performance of your rifle if you wish to use them and still do well. It takes quite a bit of skill to hit a moving target with the slower moving rounds, and it forces you to adjust more for nearly x2 the drop you'd normally have to adjust for when engaging anything under 200m.

For short range wet work, anything within 100-150m I can see the advantage, but at such ranges you'd likely be better served using the DMR's or an AR of some flavor.

I'll continue to try them out, but so far, I'm not liking them.

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This is the same thing from BF3. It makes complete sense as when you use suppressors you also use subsonic rounds. That means they can't travel faster than ~340 m/s. Slower bullets will have more apparent drop.

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Pretty much, sadly on a competitive scene I can't see it being useful, especially with laser like accurate AR's that can kill you easily within those distances. Slow and cautious will not net you a high SPM from my experience, unless you're wickedly good and can consistently get head shots on your targets (I'm sure some can).

It just seems like another useless attachment sadly Sad

I like a challenge however, so I'll see if I can't get a good game or two with them. With enough practice I might be able to use them fairly efficiently.

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I can see the use if you tend to park in one spot for awhile. I'm constantly spotting snipers on radar when the shoot so I just mosey on over to them and stab them to death while laughing.

I just finished a Zavod match where I stabbed 3 or 4 useless wookies. They definitely could have used a silencer.

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There is just no reason to use this attachment as a Recon player actually playing its role, whether it be providing long range support or going up close and providing tactical info of nearby area.

Its an attachment for people who like to sit at a concealed location (not on top of a highly noticeable object... idiots...) with completely memorized ballistics from that location, and shoot for the entire round on mostly stationary targets.

Its disadvantage is too great compared to its usefulness.

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>_> the suppressor on the acw actually seems to make the hit detection worse than it already is, haven't tried it on a sniper yet, but it seems very bleh due to the huge bullet drop

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The DMR's are the only weapons that I could see benefitting from a sound suppressor, especially since the ranges you usually are engaging from is significantly shorter than that of a bolt action's.

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I used the SKS a little more, it's not THAT bad, but, I'd still rather have the MK11

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