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Battlepacks freaking out for anyone else?

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Last night it had me re-open about 10-11 gold packs I had already previously opened. Some of the new camos seemed to stick, but opening these also seemed to take away some other camos that I already had.

The boosts seemed to stay, some camos, but weapon attachments and knives didn't seem to go into my inventory.

Then about an hour later it had me re-re-open another 5 gold packs.

And now this morning I have another 12 gold packs that need to be re-re or re-re-re-opened again.

This happening to anyone else?

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So I just checked again and overnight it did give me the camos, knives and accessories from the packs I opened last night, but they seem to have overwritten the items I previously had unless they were already attached to a weapon or vehicle.

What the fuck?

So I went through and attached a different camo and knife to the different weapons, kits and vehicles so hopefully I don't lose them all when I open all these packs all over again.

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OK so I opened the new 12 and got a bunch more stuff and a few more knives.
Most seemed to stay in my inventory, but a few things were re-locked.

For example on the CZ PDW I have an R suppressor attached that I unlocked earlier, however now it shows that I no longer have it unlocked even though I'm using it.

I did get a couple new knives though so I equipped them all before I lost them.

I have a feeling that I will have another 12 gold packs to re-open in just a few hours.

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nope. Shanghai and the Dam map have a tendency to crash though.

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I still never got my veteran or pre-order battlepacks. They also freeze when opening a lot of the time.

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I never got any Veteran packs either.
I just want to know why it had me re-open all these packs. Almost 30 extra packs total, all Gold.

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I have gotten a camo from one of the packs, and the camo does not exist in actual gameplay at the moment.

Maybe I unlocked a camo that comes out in a DLC. LoL

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I dont feel bad for you guys

At least you can play

Evil or Very Mad 

they seemed to have fixed the crashing on ultra telling me I don't have enough GPU memory, that shit was stupid

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Yeah they've definitely made some improvements. I'm still getting lag/stutter on some servers though.

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