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AMD 290 Reviews

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1 AMD 290 Reviews on 2013-11-05, 04:21,1.html

The card is a fantastic value at $399 if the heat and noise issues can be solved with aftermarket coolers.

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2 Re: AMD 290 Reviews on 2013-11-05, 04:47

I heard the new AMD series wasn't much of an improvement over the 7000 actually reading on tomshardware a little, but I'll look up some more reviews. The new names still confuse me, kinda wish they would of just named it 9000 series since they skipped 8000. I heard the 7000 series on sale is a better value, but yea they said the new AMD scared the hell out of nvidia

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3 Re: AMD 290 Reviews on 2013-11-05, 12:25


Fuck all that heat noise

4 Re: AMD 290 Reviews on 2013-11-05, 13:38

yea it probably sounds like a lawn mower Razz

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5 Re: AMD 290 Reviews on 2013-11-05, 18:59

third party coolers are the shit. My Sapphire 7970 hasn't gone past 70 Celsius yet.

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