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[BF4] Challenges; which should I go for first?

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Right now it's a toss up between getting the mastery tags of ever SR and DMR or the mastery tags for every LMG in the game.

I enjoy sniping a lot, and am pretty decent at it (not on the same level as storm though unfortunately) when the servers are cooperating.

What do y'all think?

Also what is your first goal in BF4? Besides being able to actually play the game for some of you. (Damn it DICE fix the game darn it!)

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Personally, my goal in any BF game was always to get all pins and medals and in BF3 all pins, medals and assignments.

But that's just me.

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I just play the do consistently well is my only real goal.

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My goal is always to be number 1 in points and MVP in every single match I play and to keep my SPM up in beast ranges.

That's pretty much it.

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I usually like to keep balance of KDR, SPM, WLR, while trying to maintain balanced score among kits (though I generally tend to switch to Recon to deal with other Recon players).

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to unlock everything for every gun, unlock most of the stuff in the game. I got the assignment for the ace23,was starting on the one for the RPK12

the launch has been so bad though I've hardly had anybody to play with, and I really don't like to play with the randoms lol

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