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frowny face, SKS not so mk11 better

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it shoots a tiny bit faster but since the mk11 is stronger and holds 21 as well, no use in not using it...will see how SVD 12 fares.

really saddened since I loved it in bf3. Up close you could spam it, but, at that point why not use ACW? lol

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DMR overall is actually not that good, even though I like to use it.

Its probably better to two body shot with BAs than actually land kill shots with DMR at a distance, and closer up, ARs and LMGs chomp on it (not to mention Carbines can be as competitive with ARs).

I thought the balancing in BF2 was perfect for DMR (though there was no such category). SVD and Type 88 were both ohk headshot at any distance, but they had larger spread compared to BAs, making it a viable choice at mid range engagements.

Now, since many people are too used to guns being laser accurate, most of them will QQ if the spread is increased in all the weapons. And because of this, DMR sort of lost its place as you cannot give ohk headshot when its accuracy is too great, and since other weapons also had accuracy buffs, DMR has hard time fighting against them too. On top of that, DMR is now an all-kit, making it even harder for balancing to be made on it to become ohk to head.

I'll still use it from time to time, but I think I will stick with something else if I am being serious. I still need to unlock MK11 anyway.

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Hmmm, it really depends I feel. I do pretty well with them. They make good suppressive weapons, and the psychological effect they seem to have in the game really puts them in a unique position. They fill the gap between the regular BA's and assault rifles rather nicely. I was running around with Jr and a few friends last night and was having a blast with them.

There are cases where even an AR or a carbine will not be able to reach out and accurately hit a target, and a bolt action will get you killed in situations where you must go room to room clearing enemies at certain flags. The DMR at least gives you a chance.

While I'd love to have BF2's damage models again, sadly it will never be the case. They feel pretty good compared to what they were in BF3, you can remain competitive to a degree and with a good squad can actually be pretty useful at picking off enemy players or at least forcing their heads down while your squad advances. The push up to B flag (the construction yard with multiple incomplete buildings) from C I feel is a very good example of such a scenario where the DMR's can be quite useful.

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