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IGN BF4 comparison video

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1 IGN BF4 comparison video on 2013-11-02, 11:37

Next gen vs. current gen
More importantly X1 vs. PS4.

They look damn near identical, but for crispness and texture detail I would say the X1 version seems to look just a tiny bit better.

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2 Re: IGN BF4 comparison video on 2013-11-03, 11:04

PS4 seems to use more actual global illumination than XB1.

There were some QQs back in BF3 about beta (or alpha) had better "looking/feeling" graphics than full release, but it turned out that the lighting was exaggerated and was not "true lighting". XB1's graphics had something similar to this at certain points in the video, when compared to PS4.

Though, I would have to give credit to MS (or mock Sony's failure) in having better looking texture closer up, even when scaled up.

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3 Re: IGN BF4 comparison video on 2013-11-03, 11:41

Yes, the PS4 is showing better blacks in that vid. What stands out most to me though is the much crisper textures.

Still it's the MP that really matters to me and I'll be able to compare them side-by-side in just a few more weeks.

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