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[BF4] Mortar restriction changed?

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1 [BF4] Mortar restriction changed? on 2013-11-01, 20:18

I think I remember hearing news about a patch that made mortars unusable when you are in a location where other team cannot enter.

Playing rush yesterday, my team had attackers pinned down in their spawn location pretty good, and they basically turned into one giant mortar team.

Obviously I was out of the game when the patch happened in BF3, so I am not sure whether it was actually implemented or not back then. Thought it was a good move, but now its back to old camp at base with mortar...

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Yes they changed that for BF3, but also yes in BF4 if you push them back to their base they can use mortars.

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Oh well, I'm gonna work on getting my own mortar to spawn kill them.

Parcus Executor Avis de Minor: Labor Lapsus~
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