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GTA V feels really unfinished

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1 GTA V feels really unfinished on 2013-10-31, 16:45

All this open wilderness, but there's not really anything you can do with it. I expected to find a bunch of collectibles or being able to do something with animals you kill.

There are barely any mission givers. There's that paparazzi guy, the weed guy, and cleetus, but they all end kind of anticlimactically, and they're just little side quests anyways.

What's more significant is that Cheng Jr., Martin Madrazo, and the Oneil Brothers definitely felt like the typical mission givers, but you don't actually do anything for them. Seems like they came up with the characters but ran out of time before including missions with them.

And the heists. There's this complicated architecture to determine how you do them and experience levels for the guys you can use, but then there are only a few heists and you don't actually get to decide that much for them. There's no point in leveling up a character because you pretty much never use them again.

Then there's the lack vigilante missions, hospital missions, taxi driving, those little things are usually in GTA games but got left out this time.

Not to mention the main story just feels short in general.

I guess it makes sense they had to put this game out the door before the next gen consoles came out. Everything that IS included in the game is really nice, but it seems like there's a lot of content that went missing.

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2 Re: GTA V feels really unfinished on 2013-10-31, 17:04

You're making me glad I didn't pick it up...

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3 Re: GTA V feels really unfinished on 2013-10-31, 17:05

I had an utter blast with the damn game. Put in over 37 hours in the SP alone, and almost 48 in the MP

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4 Re: GTA V feels really unfinished on 2013-10-31, 17:30


Hmmm this sounds familiar....

5 Re: GTA V feels really unfinished on 2013-10-31, 18:17

Oh, definitely, it's a great game and I recommend it, but there are a lot of moments where you're like "wait, they're killing off that character already? we never even did anything" or "whatever happened to that guy? He got introduced and then I never saw him again".

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6 Re: GTA V feels really unfinished on 2013-11-01, 00:36

I didn't care that much for it honestly. I liked it better than 4,but it still felt just as clunky. Maybe my fault is using the god awful ps3 controller with its loose analog sticks and horrible triggers. Visually it looks good, but yea it seems empty. Why have all the Cluckin Bells and Donut places if you can't go in them? I guess the only places you can rob are the clothe stores

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7 Re: GTA V feels really unfinished on 2013-11-01, 09:53

Definitely did not feel the same...also you mean there is no taxi rides given to ai... because you literally can answer calls when driving a taxi and pick people up.... I have like 20 something hours in and only 48.3% of the game done..... there is a lot to do...

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