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WOW Bolt Action snipers aren't usuable ATM

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I shot a guy point blank earlier on that 311 map on the roof where all tanks are below.

anyways, I shoot him point blank with the bolt action and no hit marker, the bullet goes right through him, I see the smoke trail lol.

My k/d is forever ruined using the RFB, I need at least a red dot for it, when I do hit them, it's just a hit marker

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Ive been raped a few times by the RFB already

Real fat black guy?

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When I'm not lagging really hardcore and can actually play the game, I tend to do pretty well.

My voice dropped out during compression in this video unfortunately.

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I think BA is alright as of now, at least for me.

I just suck with it, though.

Parcus Executor Avis de Minor: Labor Lapsus~
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Hm. Weird. I've had absolutely no problem on the 360. Nothing you people describe.

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A few hit detection issues here and there but only when the servers are lagging or when I get stuttering, otherwise the BA. Rifles feel pretty good to me.

Weird thing is, I am way more accurate with the CS LR4 with the x6 than I am with the M40A4 with the x8. I wonder if it's because of the minor change in bullet velocity that is throwing me off.

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Yesterday my IFV rounds were going right through another IFV... They would only register if I hit him in the back.

This was just on Hainan Resort.

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