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[BF4] Attack & Fightre Jet

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1 [BF4] Attack & Fightre Jet on 2013-10-31, 06:20

I actually beat all three engagements against fighter jets in attack jet. Granted, if they were aces I would had been smoked pretty fast. But against regulars attack jet is more than enough to bring them down.

Only if the server did not crash and kicked everyone out...

Now its even more important for server to be stable when you are in a jet, as the screen shake is absolutely horrendous when lag stutter and general server nonsense is going on.

EDIT: Also, I was not able to select fighter jet because it was covered by squad names... DICE... you suck...

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2 Re: [BF4] Attack & Fightre Jet on 2013-10-31, 06:49


DICE does indeed suck

Ive joined the Metal hate band wagon on this one

3 Re: [BF4] Attack & Fightre Jet on 2013-10-31, 09:20

I don't know what it is, but I can't hit enemy aircraft to save my life in the fighters. For one their speed or maneuverability seems to suck when fighting against the A10 and the Su frog foot as well as the Chinese equivalent.

The 20mm cannons also don't seem to do jack squat against the A10. It's pretty disgusting IMO

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4 Re: [BF4] Attack & Fightre Jet on 2013-10-31, 09:56

I still have not used fighters yet, but that may be true.

At least on attacker, one burst was really devastating on enemy jets.

Got around 45% damage with largely missed good long burst.

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