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BF4 3GB VRAM not enough to stop from crashing on Ultra

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Never had a crash while on high, on ultra after a few matches it crashed and windows told me it was out of memory, "to get a graphics card with at least 512mb"

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Fucking Dice

it's probably what was causing all those crashes for tom, well, and punkbuster lol.

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Tom was still crashing yesterday all the time too

Im playing on medium and still crashing

I've only had a non server related crash once and I'm playing on mostly ultra settings with a few things dropped down to high to get me up around 60fps most of the time.

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and I have a 3Gb card

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my card is 1.5 I think

I have 6



Parcus Executor Avis de Minor: Labor Lapsus~
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damn... so it could be a server issue? Maybe... but I never crashed ever on high but then all of a sudden on ultra, even windows told me I needed more vram lol

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