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Just finished The Wire

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1 Just finished The Wire on 2013-10-29, 00:35

Damn, what a great show.

Starts a little slow, but man, it's good.

It does a great job of showing life in all aspects. Every other cop show would have you rooting for the police; everyone else is just a scumbag who's definitely guilty but the criminal system is flawed so they get off.

The Wire has you get to know all facets of life in the city. You can sympathize with the drug dealers who are just a product of their fucked up environment, the heroin addicts who really did try to get clean but can't stop themselves, and the cops who are frustrated with system because they can't get anything done because the chain of command doesn't want to step on the wring toes

At the same time, there are dirty cops who take any opportunity to go on a power trip and beat up on the street level punks, piece of shit dope fiends who ruin everyone else's lives to get their fix, and ruthless criminals who will kill someone just for talking back.

So many well developed characters, and watching them through 5 seasons is pretty awesome, but the ending of the show really hits hard and makes you realize that nothing ever really changes and everything stays fucked on on the streets of the city.

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2 Re: Just finished The Wire on 2013-10-29, 00:42

I've been looking for something to watch since breaking bad ended, I kept hearing this name pop up but never saw or even heard about it much in real life, I hear a shitload of people talking about Sons of Anarchy and American Horror Story (which looks cheesy to me)

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3 Re: Just finished The Wire on 2013-10-29, 00:46

Arrow. If you like superhero stuff at all, check out Arrow.

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