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Living man told he is legally dead by court

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In 1994, an Ohio court declared Donald E. Miller Jr. dead. He had been missing for several years and his wife needed to formalize his death to qualify her daughters for social security benefits. On Monday, Donald E. Miller appeared in court to testify on behalf of his own existence. He lost.

Almost twenty years after he was declared legally dead, Miller reappeared on the front lawn of his former wife's home, having fled from Ohio in 1986 while dealing with alcoholism and unemployment.

"My paycheck was being taken away from me and I had nothing left," Miller told the court. "It kind of went further than I ever expected it to. I just kind of took off, ended up in different places."

Miller, now 61, wants his social security number reactivated and would like to apply for a driver's license. Unfortunately, Ohio state law does not allow for a declaration of death to be reversed after three years have passed since the declaration. On Monday, Judge Allan H. Davis of Hancock County Probate Court, who had declared Miller dead in 1994, declared him legally dead again with Miller in attendance.

“I don’t know where that leaves you, but you’re still deceased as far as the law is concerned,” Judge Davis told Miller on Monday.

The former Ms. Miller (who, coincidentally, remarried a man also with the surname Miller, so I guess the once-and-always Ms. Miller is more accurate), is also fighting against her former husband's resurrection. If he comes back to life, Ms. Miller would have to pay back years of benefit payments for her daughters.

Stranger still, it seems like the reconciliation between Ms. Miller and her former (legally dead) husband was pretty amiable.

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Seen this a while ago. Wonder how long it'll take for the IRS to step in when he doesn't pay his taxes since he's dead.

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I wonder what would happen if hr broke some laws. I am sure they would be pretty quick to declare him legally alive if that happened.

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But, if he doesn't have a 'valid' social security #, doesn't that potentially mean he can't even get a job?

I would think there would be some issues if you gave a number (yours or not) and they found you were dead.

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At least his wife does not have to pay back all those benefits

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Frostbyrn wrote:At least his wife does not have to pay back all those benefits
Well, unless he gets his dead status revoked. Then she'll have to.

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This sounds like he should be doing some twilight zone shit right about now.

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yeah he should break some laws, you can't lock a deadman up lmao

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God dammit government you don't make any sense.

I wish I had spent more of my youth popping sick-ass ninety-day wheelies.

You in fact feel flowing and you truthfully desire to speak. I know the final obsession you wish for to do is remain at the clinic or at residence you want to get out and speak.  Like a Star @ heaven - Giles12
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Can he be murdered?

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Im genuinely curious about what happens if you kill someone who is legally dead

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