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Oh crap why didn't I know about coursera before?

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I feel like a kid at a candy store.

I just started a small course about videogames and learning, about 15 minutes ago. And I already like this shit.

Really liked that PDF. Short, simple, to the point. Interesting.

Oh fuuuuuuuuuuck I want moar! I'll take some programming after that.

There's so much shit to learn in there Very Happy And it's free goddammit, FREE!

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I have a shit ton (well maybe an hundred or so) Ebooks on programming shit, alot on game design, want me to throw them over?

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I have a lot, too. 70-100. I'll finish them... one day... yeah.

But yes, dump em dude. Might find something useful.

My problem with technical books is that most of them are too damn boring. I've read some that are actually fun, but they are few and far between. Doesn't hurt to get more though.

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Urm, the zip is over 1gb lmao.. i'll urm upload them to the server later Very Happy

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Hah, all right man, thanks. You could try dropbox or something if it's easier for you. Once I download them I'll check if I have something that you don't, in case you have any interest in it.

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Lol, I'll put them on the VPS, its got a 1gb connection lol, screw dropbox Very Happy

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Well, that changes thigs.

Just let me know when it's up and I'll fetch the file.

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