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Tiger Direct seems kinda useless compared to newegg/amazon

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I always heard so much about them but I've been getting their little ad emails for awhile,and either stuff is the same price as newegg and amazon, or it's cheaper in the ad but the tax and shipping make it cost more than the stuff from other sites so basically it just seems useless to me lol.

Maybe people just raved about them since they didn't know any better. Way back I was looking at HDD at the store and this dude came up saying don't get it here man it's so much cheaper on tiger direct, low and behold,it was like the same price.

anybody here actually use them?Newegg just seems much better or even amazon. I also hate how alot of the stuff on tiger direct claims it's cheap in an ad, then has those cheesy mail in rebates that take months to get 10 bucks back lol

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Tiger Direct used to be pretty good. Back when I was first getting into PC stuff my friend would always use them. I totally forgot they exist, though. Razz

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