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Should I ever be worried about torrenting?

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This is a stupid question, it just bothers me sometimes. I only download maybe 1 or 2 movies every other week currently. But say I want to download a crap ton of music so I can re-build my iTunes library? Should I be worried about the amount/content I'm downloading? Or the source?

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Well, you might not be, but my ISP here in Madison is:
Had to get on TOR even to see this page:

In all seriousness, its a hard question to answer. Delving deeper into the issue, I've found some really interesting security stuff. Usually the big targets for torrent busts are uploaders and mass-seeders. From what I've found on torrenting, I'd say a good bet is to find a program to randomize your laptop's MAC address, then go to a place with public wifi, like a Starbucks or a McDonald's, and have at it.

Important though, make sure you're using smart settings. For example in uTorrent, there is a feature to enable encrypted connections. Similarly, PeerBlocker helps.

Finally, one thing that I've found helpful and maybe others will disagree. When you're looking for a torrent of something, especially big-name products like Adobe shit, read through the comments people have left. Usually, there'll be one guy saying its tagged. If you see one guy in a crowd of 400, then you might be ok. However, if there are multiples like him, walk away.

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havent heard of anything from music in awhile online but they seem to go after newer big name movies, they bitched at me for the sucky transformers 3 lol... they got through the peerblock I had

heard a vpn would work wouldn't it? It would make them think it was somebody in some other country if you rig the i.p. to point there

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Pariah, you will have to show me at the next LAN party lol. For now I'm not TOO worried. It sounds like I'm doing everything right so far. I just didn't know if theres a certain line to be crossed where all of a sudden I'll show up on the radar and possibly get caught for something.
And as far as downloading programs, no, I won't be doing that. It's a bit much.... It's all just music and movies for now.

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I got a pretty scary message from my ISP after torrenting a bunch of Game of Thrones episodes. It's never happened with anything else in my life so it was pretty jarring. Haven't heard anything since, and I kept on torrenting the GoT eps anyways.

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I just don't give a shit, my response would be PROVE IT. They would require deep packet inspection to get around stuff I run here, which is pretty illegal, even then they cannot prove it was me or anyone else on my connection lol. And even if they could its technically entrapment.

As for the abode stuff you mentioned, its 100x quicker to download the trail version from adobe themselves and just get the crack for it lmao. Very Happy

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ISPs bitch at you for torrenting? What the fuck?

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Pirating is bad mmmkk

I might be inclined to agree if NZ ever actually showed seasons on time instead of 6-12 months later if at all

Especially since NZ has a bad track record with Sci-Fi and Fantasy programs getting ratings

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BUT BUT, "The Tribe" was awesome frost

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Im pretty sure everyone in NZ with a Nielsen box is some fucking old person whose highlight of the day is the news at 6

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Ars Diaboli wrote:ISPs bitch at you for torrenting? What the fuck?
I got an email from mine one time...for one song.

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Its just scare tactics, they cannot really prove anything that would legally stand up in court for downloading. Well unless your seeding a ton of stuff constantly lol.

Even then they cannot prove it was "you", with "you" being a legal entity, they can only prove -vaguely- that it was that connection and that requires a shit ton of co-operation from ISP's and police to goto the point of proving if they wanted to take it to court. They cannot charge someone in court for something that only relates to a connection, no proof on the person doing it. Also its a civil offence not criminal aswell.

I'm basing this on UK law tho, US maybe a slight bit different but I doubt it, they just play the mean nasty bully tactic lol. Anyone that challenges them they wont waste the time trying further unless your like one of the big guys doing it,.

On another note (what I always tell people in UK) private parking -fines- are not actually fines, they are basically a -bill- you don't have to actually pay them. But they word things and bully ppl into paying. Only ones you have a legal requirement to pay here are from the police or local authority, anything else just ignore.

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Wow... I guess I'm lucky then. Lol now I'm just waiting for an email form them. Although, knowing my inbox, I'll probably never ever see it.

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R, would it be possible to get a list of the software you use?

What exactly are you looking for? It might be possible that I have it. I've got a small library of movies on my PC. Also, I'll be bringing my laptop to the next LAN party and show you the stuff I have.

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I'm not too worried about movies and stuff. But my iPod is corrupted, so I'm going to factory reset it. But since I have a new computer, I have zilch on my iTunes. I just plan on downloading a ton of music to build it all up again.

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If you steal shit you should be imprisoned and then hung.
End of story.

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You incite me to torrent more shit, even if I don't ever use it Very Happy

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Ars Diaboli wrote:You incite me to torrent more shit, even if I don't ever use it Very Happy
Twisted Evil

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BmmFlash wrote:I'm not too worried about movies and stuff. But my iPod is corrupted, so I'm going to factory reset it. But since I have a new computer, I have zilch on my iTunes. I just plan on downloading a ton of music to build it all up again.
I've torrented hundreds of gigs worth of music and I've never had any problems. But I'm not downloading super popular stuff either.

They tend to keep their eye on stuff that will most likely get downloaded the most. AAA Blockbuster movies and top 40 albums are prime targets.

so YMMV.

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