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Small SSD for OS on old laptop,or just new laptop?

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Maybe a decent one will pop up or on black friday, some 720p gaming would be nice, been looking at an a8 apu laptop, or I want a laptop intel hd 4000 graphics or better the new haswell hd4400 i5 laptop acer is like 450 the other day on sale I saw.

I keep hearing how a small SSD for the os on old computers would breath new life into them , but not sure if it's even worth it for this single core laptop from back when windows 7 first came out.

it's nice on the desktop,stuff loads instantly, I just want something to chill in bed with that can still game at 720p on low,I'm not picky on the graphics really

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if its a single core, get a new laptop.

should be able to get a fairly decent 1366x768 laptop nowadays Smile

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yeah true this thing chokes just browsing online lol

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The new Lenovos are really cool, and at a good price. We just got the new i7, 8gb RAM in at Best Buy for like $800. From my hands on with it its built pretty well.

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I'm wondering the difference between an AMD A8 4500M with 7640g gpu (I'll need to get another 4gb ram stick as it comes with only 4gb)

and the new haswell i5 4200u with hd4400 graphics. The ivy bridge 4000 was enough to play stuff at 720p on low so the 4400 it claims on their amazon page is twice as fast so that should be good.

I'm just wondering since the laptop i5's are dual core with hyperthreading, while the AMD is a quad core straight up piledriver trinity apu.

both have 500gb hdd 5400rpm...which I'd prob switch to an SSD, heard it's easy with windows 8 the product key is on the bios already.

The Acer haswell i5 is 500 though, while the Asus k55n a8 apu quad core is 380-390

the acer also doesn't have a dvd drive while the asus a8 apu does.

so for the price of the i5 laptop I could get 8gb ram total and an SSD for the same price lol.

Think the i5 haswell laptop only has a better camera built in 1280x720, while asus is only "0.3mp" whatever that is...lmfao probably VERY bad since the old Razor flip phone I had was 1.3mp back in the day like 2008 and had bleh quality,but was ok for the time.

although I bet the haswell i5 runs much cooler...that AMD asus laptop says it put all the heat producing components at the back of the pc so the touchpad/front wouldn't get hot

so I guess it comes down to how well the i5 would do on multitasking since it's only dual core, and 720p gaming with everything on low, while possibly in a skype call at the same time

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I tend to sell more ASUS than ACER. I think they are better computers, IMO.
Also, you should get more than 4 gigs of RAM if at all possible. Win 8 needs 4 to run, minimum. When you start multitasking you will start to notice a bit more lag.
What price range are you trying to stay within? Sometimes spending the extra 1-200 can get you another year or two of good performance, thus not having to upgrade as soon.

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I just got around to seeing this, guess I missed it with the huge amount of new topics/replies here lately,not used to that lol.

I might wait until an i7 goes on sale on black friday, although I'm sure an i5 would be good but an i7 would be really good for years to come, quad core and 8 threads.

I'm not sure if it's because my laptop is only 720p resolution screen, but I believe it's 15.6inches, and browsing fb is a chore after being used to my desktop 23.5inch screen, is 17.3 the biggest laptop screen usually available? Or would a 1080p screen fix the problem of a website appearing too big for the screen and having to scroll left-right?

I'm THINKING 1080p might fix it, thus being able to fit more stuff in a smaller space, but I'm not sure

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