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Gred or Hydra ( guitar cables )

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1 Gred or Hydra ( guitar cables ) on 2013-09-20, 17:19


Which is the best brand?

Im done with Monster as they ALWAYS short out on me after only a year or so. Fuck them.

Any alternatives?

dude don't wast your money on monster cable is going to make your sound "better" or your tone "more clear and punchy".

Well I guess that's not necessarily true. If you get a really thick instrument cable it'll have higher capacitance which will cut some of the highs but cable manufacturers will generally hype that as "bigger and fuller bass response" when they are trying to sell you a low resistance (not same thing as capacitance) cable. Resistance doesn't matter in an instrument cable. Get something not too thick (but thick enough to be rugged) and that says low capacitance on it.

For speaker cable you want it big and thick though because capacitance doesn't doesn't matter here. Here you want low resistance or you will lose signal and volume.

Just look for a quality cable that's low capacitance and you'll be fine. Personally I use planet waves which runs me like 30-40$ depending how much length I need. It'll probably be even cheaper for you. Never had one short out on me and I believe they have quite an extended replacement warranty. Yeah just checked it's limited lifetime warranty. My local music shop selection is super limited so I don't know what other brands you might have access to but planet waves is my usual go to. They are just super durable in my experience. They don't sound any better than any other cable they are just rugged as shit.

and here's a little reading on cables.

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or this

is what I'm talking about. Take your pick of right angled or straight ends.

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Nice thanks man

I always thought Monster cable were good

Hydra's got this.

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Been using Monster Cables for years now

Finally got tired of putting up with the same shit

Sym wrote:Nice thanks man

I always thought Monster cable were good
They are overpriced and they like to hype "better sound quality for audiophiles" and stuff like that. It's mostly a load of junk. Like I said no cable is going to make you sound better in any way. And if they are breaking like every year for you then they sound pretty crap to me.

I've broken my fair share of cheapo no name cables but even those lasted me more than a year.

I've been using a planet waves cable for like 5+ years and it's still going strong.

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Nice thanks.

Ill look into them when I can afford some new ones. ( hopefully soon )

The first set of Monsters that I bought years ago were bad ass, lasted forever. But since then...they have been shit.

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