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Bands you know are crap, but you still love listening too?

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And you are not afraid to admit it?

For me, the biggest one that comes to mind is Lordi. 

Their songs are cheap, campy and filled with cheesy lyrics and the music itself is just beyond tolerable.
Vut I can't help but love them. They perfectly emulate that classic 80's hard rock feel and sound, and they know it. Plus they don't take themselves seriously, they know they are cheesy and campy and take pride in it. 

They are highly addicting to listen to despite it all.

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Lordi lolz

Saw them at Ozzfest one year and boy did they suck haha

I would probably have to say Job for a Cowboy ( listen to them occasionally, but man they kinda suck )

When you said Lordi

I cut out the R and started listening to CCR Very Happy

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Bring Me The Horizon

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