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World War Z

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1 World War Z on 2013-06-24, 14:43

Right of the bat...disregarding the book it is about 7/10 ... good action, neat take on the zombie thing.

But having read the book about 8 times... 

  • The movie starts off awesome... certain points it does a really good job... 
  • But the ending is clearly left open for a sequel (which was apparently green-lit today).
  • It is for sure a Zombie-Action Film.
  • Only similar thing is the title, World War Z...yes and no
  • There are similarities in the story, but it is a different narrative definitely not 10 years after the events like the book
  • Revolves around one man and not the world (basically)
  • There are little "easter eggs" from the books, things they took.
  • Spoiler:
    Such as dogs sensing the "sick", black tar oozing is mentioned, Israeli Intelligence guy,The walls around Jerusalem, There is a doctor who treats a boy in a village (Korean...though and instead of child its a soldier who went AWOL), and some other things.

It is a good movie... is a different take on the zombie apocalypse sort of. Very different from book...but with some similarities... I will probably buy it when it comes out. I rather enjoyed the movie.

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