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What should the selection process be for the movie club?

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As most of you know, the movie club has pretty much been one big flop. It is also pretty apparent that just me picking the movies has not gone well. What kind of system would you like to see? I was thinking we could have a thread where people suggest everything they want to watch, and then I would randomly select 3 and put them into a poll. I think this would allow for a healthy selection of titles and more discussion about what we watch.

This was tried before right? Is a great idea in theory. Is everyone trying to watch it together?

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Take suggestions from those who want to participate. Then rotate through the list provided.

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I'm down for anything. I've watched the first two we had, I'll do the third today or tomorrow.

What might help is a regular schedule, or one big thread we can organize on with other tthreads for discussion.

As to deciding movies, we could take suggestions and vote.

In the scenario I'm envisioning, we could have a weekly schedule. Say, monday through wednesday morning anyone who wants to can suggest a movie. Wednesday night, voting of those movies (reminiscent of Mills' tournaments). From Thursday to Saturday, watch the movies and start a thread. I'm thinking on Sunday, just a final thoughts thread, talk about the movie and post.


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