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Since being called "like gamefaqs" gives me the the urge to catch you all on fire...

We're going to try out some new rules for about a month. If they work better than our current set, we will adopt them permanently.

1. No Porn or Nudity. Even as a joke.
2. No Slurs (Ethnic, sexual, religious, ETC.)
3. Any arguments (not to be confused with debating) will result in the topic beging moved to the hideout and getting branded a "Drama" topic. As long as no one uses Slurs (of any kind) or turns it into a name calling contest the moderators will not mod or lock the...

by Epyk MD - Comments: 58 - Views: 3761
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honestly im not sure exsactly what in the hell a blog is so...
if you have some blogging to do, do it here

by Epyk MD - Comments: 2 - Views: 452

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So does anyone here use facebook? Ive come to like alot of you(no homo)and figured hey why not reach out through another social network as well. of course ppl who dont use it or dont wanna disclose their info well thats understandable

by That Damn Dirty Duck - Comments: 10 - Views: 1311
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Ok so like...

i had to reregister? So i lost all my post from before??? sigh

by DamnDirtyDuck - Comments: 2 - Views: 573
It feels so weird!! I am going to a party my Girlfriend is throwing tonight. And I figured that for the first time since we have been dating I would dress up nice. So I am right now in a white undershirt, with a button up collored long sleeve shirt and blue jeans. And I am wearing cologne.

WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME! This does not feel normal! I want my black clothes back@!!

by Dropped Da Soap - Comments: 5 - Views: 498
Just to piss BmmFlash off cheers

by Razzle Snazzle - Comments: 2 - Views: 521
Two teams are officially out of theplayoffs: Mudshovlers and Voltykins Volts. They can only play spoilers now.

Operation Doomsday-96.92
Only a complete overhaul of Muds starting roster could havechanged the outcome, he had the points, just not on his starters.


Lil bit of luck Llama-77.34
I’m gonna go withLlama, again. He has some good match-ups and I like Pitt. @Buff. Could be ahigh scoring game.
Got the winner, not the score. Another overhaul...

by ConciliarFox - Comments: 1 - Views: 685
I hope everyone is enjoying(ed) their Thanksgiving, as I write this the NE vs Det game is on TV,(once again this is late). We aregetting down to the nitty grity here. We this week, and then 2 more weeks afterthat, so 3 weeks including this week,and no one is knocked out of a playoff spot yet, but DL is definitely in, hesits atop the Dork Division and clinched his playoff spot this week. There is a3-way battle for the second playoff spot in the Dorks. The Geeks aren’t quiteas wrapped up yet, Mudshovlers can be knocked out of contention with a lossthis week, with another 3-way battle for the...

by ConciliarFox - Comments: 3 - Views: 643
Good day gentlemen. This week I saw a good headline forfantasy this past week, you were either a Vick-tor, or you were a Vick-tim. Needless to say Mike Vick has been a veryviable fantasy option a QB this year, and may continue it for the rest of hiscareer.
Remember that trade deadline is 11/26, and our playoffsstart week 15, the top two team from each division, and so far that will leaveout one of the top teams in the league.

Mudshovlers -90.70
Asylum Inmates-91.56

This game was decided twice, Mud. won a close won on Monday Night,...

by ConciliarFox - Comments: 2 - Views: 710
I've been smoking for close to 20 years and I think it's time to try to give it up.

I am encouraged by Cramtron and JDM_Jev as they have both quit and are doing good so far. Keep up the good work guys.

I will be documenting my endeavor here in the hopes of garnering support from my SeC brethren and sisteren.

I know the first few days are going to be tough and stressful but I feel like I can possibly do it this time.

Wish me luck.

My last cigarette was had at approximately 7:30am (PST).

by D - Comments: 42 - Views: 1744
Good day gentlemen, I hope this finds you all well. Gettingdown to the wire now, 5 more weeks tillthe playoffs, and still the top 4 teams are in the same division, and as itstands now, e very team still ha sa shotat a playoff stop. It’ll be the top 2 teams in each division getting in, as itstands now that’ll be the 1,2,5,6 ranked teams getting in. Anything can happen,so keep up on your rosters, and don’t give up yet, no matter where you land inthe standings, you still have a shot.

This is also the first week of Thursday night games, fromnow until the end of the season there will be...

by ConciliarFox - Comments: 1 - Views: 645
Half way through the season and the top scoring fantasyplayer thus far is Philip Rivers. There are 4 QB’s in the Top 5, Chris Johnsonis ranked 8th, the top RB: Arian Foster (2), top WR: Brandon Lloyd(12), TE: Gates (11), Top FA: Ryan Fitzpatrick (22). Just saying….

With the “As the Moss Turns” soap opera this week every teamlooked at getting a deep threat. Titans were number 22 on the waivers list,meaning 21 different NFL teams passed on Moss. His stats may have slowed downthis season, but he commands respect from every defense. That means CJ and thewhole receiving corps...

by ConciliarFox - Comments: 6 - Views: 626
This week in footballsaw some big upsets, hurt QBs, and guys we never heard of make some plays. Aweird week in the NFL equals a weird week in a fantasy, Buffalo put up somepoints (but not Spiller), CJ2K reallyhad a quiet week in the romp of Philly, and TD’s that weren’t TD’s, and vice-versa. Needless to say,if your team needs a little help, look to some FA’s, there are plenty of goodones left out there.


Voltaires Volts-72.12

Volt was the victim of bye weeks, and lack of production. He’llbe in better shape after the bye.

by ConciliarFox - Comments: 11 - Views: 636
Okay, so I laid down to go to sleep, and I realized, that for the first time in a long time, how excited I felt to get a new game after I thought about New Vegas. I haven't even felt excited about anything for a long time; I've been kinda mopey and pissed-off feeling for the past couple weeks, but I couldn't pin point why. I thought of my sleep habits, my diets, my social interactions, my 360 breaking, trying to play MP, what I was angry at; was I addicted to caffiene, losing weight, losing sleep? I get 12 hours of sleep sometimes, on average 8, so that was fine, my weight has finally stablized...

by Guest - Comments: 4 - Views: 567
Another week of football, another week on injuries, and another week of patching you team together. With DeSean Jackson, Malcolm Floyd, Josh Cribbs, and more most likely out this week, it's goona be hard to maintain a team. Keep up on your FA's and your rosters and make moves as needed, and you get through this alive. The next 4 weeks can make or break your season.

Some interesting thoughts:

In our league: The Top 4 teams, as of right now, are in one divison: Braaaaaains, Majora's (name of the week), Asylum Inmates, and Mudshovlers. That means only two of the top four will...

by ConciliarFox - Comments: 13 - Views: 624
Okay, running late with everything has been an issue lately, but I do promise get back on track soon. I have been lurking around the boards here, so I have seen Hen's topic (by the time I got to it everyone has given an answer already, i figured mine was a little late.) As you all have noticed by now this is when the season really starts. Injuries, luck, drafting choices (good and bad) are starting to affect your team. Now come some tough decisions. Look at your roster, if you like your team I suggest stay the course and be patient and if a FA pops up that you can use, get him. If your injury plagued,...

by ConciliarFox - Comments: 5 - Views: 804
Once again, I apologize for the Blog being so late, but as promised I will have it up early thursday, even though it's after waivers.

So far injuries have played a big part this year with guys like Ryan Grant, Micheal Vick, Mike Bush, Beanie Wells, and even Andre Johnson are giving owners headaches trying to scramble to keep play makers in their line-ups or replacing guys out for the year. Just keep up on your rosters injuries, and if there is a game time decision don't be afraid to bench him and pick someone up so you don't get burned. Personally, I err on the side of caution instead...

by ConciliarFox - Comments: 29 - Views: 1066
Hello everyone, I hope this finds everyone happy and healthy.

This we got to see Volt get his first win, and DL get his first loss. Now everyone has at least 1 win and 1 loss, and Asylum Inmate get the league's highest point total:163.60!!! Needless to say it was interesting week. On the Recap!

Mudshovlers vs.Asylum Inmates

AI wins 163.6-84.84

Not even a close match, 5 guys from AI's team scored over 20pts, production like that gets wins. Not much would have changed the outcome.

Braaaaains vs. Majora's (enter name here)

by ConciliarFox - Comments: 15 - Views: 691
I hope this finds everyone well.

Last weeks games weren't even close, every single one was a blow-out. The closest game of the week was Mudshovlers vs. Majora Possession Receivers with a 29.48pt gap!!!

All this leaves us with one undefeated team (DRGNLRD1213) and one 0-2 team (Voltaires Volts). Everyone else is at 1-1.

Highest Scoring team so far: Operation Doomsday with 206.64 (He's 1-1)
Lowest scoring team: Voltaires Volts (0-2)

Team with most points scored against: Mudshovlers with 216.30 (1-1)
Team with least points scored against: Yo...

by ConciliarFox - Comments: 3 - Views: 664
...but they never say how much more painful it can be to smile. I'm pretty sure all of us have been forced to smile while enduring extreme physical/emotional pain; people can see it your eyes, but you lie, and say that you're completely fine. Smile when you've never had a relationship or a spouse, and you watch couples with their young children walk by, teaching them everything that they see, cheering them on. They rub it in unaware and unintentionally, but you cannot blame them. Maybe some of you have been forced to smile for a camera/judge/person after a family member/pet has died. It's not a...

by Guest - Comments: 4 - Views: 2259
I hope everyone had a good first week. I would have had this out sooner, but between my original blog being deleted before I finished and a new game (not Reach, it's Kingdom Hearts:Birth by Sleep) this kinda kept getting put on the back-burner well down to business.

Everyone should have already looked at their line-ups for this week: Remember you can change your line-up at anytime until a game starts. Official NFL injury reports come out on Friday so check them out if you can, there will be still some gametime desicions, so just keep an eye on your roster.

If some of back-ups...

by ConciliarFox - Comments: 9 - Views: 784
Okay, I'm going to try to keep a running blog for Speakeasy Jocks Fantasy Football league. I've always wanted to do this and I hope everyone likes it. I will try to be objective as possible, and will do my best to be insulting, I just want it to be a fun experience for everyone.

We had our first draft last night (hopefully, may we have many more), I think it went overly well. No one made major mistakes, and I was surprised by a couple peoples picks, on to the break down.

Biggest surprise: That goes to Yo Mama's Llama (bigfnghen) for taking CJ Spiller. I honestly...

by ConciliarFox - Comments: 7 - Views: 558
Okay not our whole house, only 1 or 2 rooms.

We have two cats that have kittens, and to keep the kittens away from our dog who thinks they are squeky toys, we had to put them in teh laundry room until they are old enough to sell. And to keep our dog from getting in there, we have to go in through the back door if we need to feed them.

2 weeks ago I went in to check on them and saw that the whole room was swarming with flies. It was the only room in the house that they were in, and they didn't show up until that afternoon, as I had fed the cats that very morning and there...

by Dropped Da Soap - Comments: 7 - Views: 3364
Since we are trying to set up a FF league, and couple want to join, but are new and not sure how it goes, I'll do my best to cover the basics for everyone.

First, FF is a numbers game: You get points from your players for their performance in that week, what a guy did in week 1 does not carry over into week 2. Keep that in mind. 24 points week 1 does not add up with his week 2 score, each game is separate.

Our league is head to head match-ups, so it'll be your team against somebody else's, so you win or lose depending on if you have more points than the guy your going against....

by ConciliarFox - Comments: 0 - Views: 492
I've never written a blog; I don't even know what the fuck a blog is, but I've had two memories on my mind lately, and I can't seem to get rid of them.

The first one, is when I was back in 3rd grade; we were learning how to write in cursive. There was this stupid, fucking bitch of a teacher's assistant that hated me. I don't know why; I was a trouble maker, but there were about 3-4 others, and she singled me for out for some reason. Anyways, I was on to the "S's and T's", before most of the other children had reached their "D's and E's", and the teacher ALWAYS said...

by Guest - Comments: 10 - Views: 541
I bought 2 pets, an iguana and a pigeon.

The iguana ate the pigeon lol.

by D - Comments: 2 - Views: 592
I've been thinking long and hard about this and i just don't know? I mean he's cute in all it's just what are the other girls gonna say? How will i be thought of if i am the ideal one for him!



by Tater - Comments: 2 - Views: 590

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